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HTTP 400 - Bad Request

  • The request was incorrect or contained incorrect attributes
  • Something in the request is wrong or lacking, for example: lat or lon missing from query
  • Using , instead of . for floating point
  • Incorrect coordinate ranges, e.g: lon=+360 lat=-181

HTTP 403 - Forbidden

  • The client is forbidden to access a resource
  • The IP being used was blacklisted and is currentely blocked. An excessive usage of requests (mainly stream) will return for the client's IP to be blacklisted
  • If you require the complete access to the soilgrids dataset PLEASE use the ftp site. See Data Download in SoilGrids support page (Here)
  • Requested MORE THAN 5 TILES at once in the stream service. But You will not be blacklisted unless you send the request multiple times in a very short period.

HTTP 404 - Not Found

  • The content was not found or it does not exist
  • Content or resource not found for example the request tile doesn't exit (/stream/tile)
  • No tile contains the requested point (/stream/tile_with_point)

HTTP 500 - Internal Error Server

  • The code crashed !!!!
  • The request made the server code to crash.
  • PLEASE Send an email to: it [at] Indicating the request sent and the time of occurance