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REST SoilGrids API

This is the supporting page of Soilgrids REST API documentation. Here developers can find the necessary documentation to access the REST interface, query data and download tiles. Developers can access soil information and values in a simple and straight forward way, without major technical requirements

SoilGrids1km — Soil property and class maps

SoilGrids1km is a collection of updatable soil property and class maps of the world at a relatively coarse resolution of 1 km produced using state-of-the-art model-based statistical methods: 3D regression with splines for continuous soil properties and multinomial logistic regression for soil classes.


Why/What is REST ?

REST is the easiest to run web service and the common-joe likes to see the results immediately diplayed on his/her browser. The common choice for data transfer in mobile development is the AJAX call to some REST interface. The soilgrids REST API will provide support for developers to access data, query and display it.

The current API is divided into 2 major URIs: point-query and download. The first is used to query the data, while the second to download specific tiles of data in geotiff format. The Description section contains information about CORS, HTTP Verb support and extra service metadata.